You do not require a degree to become a good bookkeeper; you only need a proper bookkeeping system or platform. Depending on your need for simplicity, your budget, and love for accounting, you can get yourself a bookkeeping tool and be a bookkeeper. A proper bookkeeping tool will be simple to understand and will save you money and stress.

Be Your Own Bookkeeper

Once you decide to take care of your books of accounts, you need to invest in a proper accounting system like Xero. You need to acquire new skills that will enable you to comfortably manage the bookkeeping platform.

Because the business world is dynamic, being your own bookkeeper will reward you with the opportunity to learn a lot of things about your business, as well as save you money. 

After you learn so much about your business, you become so well versed with the industry, making you a niche bookkeeper. A niche bookkeeper can stand out and be able to identify challenges in the industry they deal with.

How Do I Do Bookkeeping?

You can employ the services of an accountant, but there are so many online platforms offering bookkeeping courses. At a small fee, you can learn how to do bookkeeping for your business.

Learning about accounting and taxation will help you do your bookkeeping smoothly. You should learn the statutory requirements about bookkeeping and tax so that you may pay the right amount of tax and avoid being fined in the future. 

Also, you need to learn how to use Xero. Xero has a great team that is ready to help you every step of the way. You can always contact Xero via email in case you experience any difficulties, or if you have any questions. The good thing is that Xero staff will train you on how to use the Xero platform.

The more you understand the functionality of Xero, you become more efficient and assert more control over your business. 

Online Bookkeepers

Online bookkeepers like Accountsly will help you manage your accounting books remotely. Because they work remotely, online bookkeepers have less overhead costs and will therefore charge you a relatively low amount. For example, there is no expenditure on rent. Online bookkeepers also do not spend time commuting, therefore saving time to attend to your accounting needs.

Xero Online Training

You can enroll for the Xero online course and learn about financial record-keeping and accounting at your own pace. The Xero training platform has several video training modules, worksheets, and templates that will enable you to acquire bookkeeping skills so that you can be effective in managing your own financial records. On the platform, you also get to learn from an experienced accountant who will enable you to understand any accounting situations that may be challenging.   


Doing bookkeeping for your own business is a great step. As much as you learn skills important in financial record keeping, you also get to learn about your own business. Knowing the business helps you in making strategic long term and short term decisions, thereby making you ensure that your business operates well.