The Accountsly Story

A dream of changing the global bookkeeping game. It has since grown from single table into the multi-national, award-winning business it is today. Click play below to watch the Accountsly vision.

Discover the faces behind the masks

Siddharth Arora

Chief Executive Officer & Founder





Siddharth is a Chartered Accountant who worked in commercial accounting roles and as an auditor and as a financial advisor. He has worked previously in the Big 4 and has worked for various clients across the globe. Siddharth has worked for more than 30 countries and also helped many businesses from small to big corporate groups in many financial decisions in order to help the business better manage their business, save tax, increase cashflows  & productivity by helping them understand the numbers and thereby, helping them make the right decisions.

Dave Wilson

Manager & Director of Global Operations



Dave first joined company in 2008 and became a manager in 2010. Dave believes that the success of Accountsly is founded on its enduring client relationships. Dave insists that for clients to succeed financially, they need a trusted advisor who can provide a full suite of Business Advisory Services.

Dave acts as an external advisor and sits on many of his clients’ boards which include several non for profit organisations. Dave specialises in most areas of tax compliance, corporate advisory, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, litigation support and estate planning.

Having an interest and expertise in both the property and construction industries, Dave has been instrumental in forming several direct property syndicates for his high net wealth clients.


The Accountsly podcast

Your host and Accountsly founder takes listeners behind the scenes and deep inside the company launched in less than seven days.

Each episode is designed to help entrepreneurs and founders of product and service businesses to grow their enterprise and find freedom.